The most realistic Fiber Optic Star Ceiling for your bedroom, bathroom, Home Cinema, luxury yacht or any other romantic place to create a magical ambiance. We create the Star Ceiling panels fully equipped with Fiber Optic stars, amazing changing brightnesses for a very realistic twinkle. We use the latest technology like RF remote, Wifi + free App and professional DMX (domotica) controllers. With more then 10 years of astronomy knowledge we create the best design. The star brightness variations can be adjusted in speed and dim, therefore comfortable to your eyes.

Realistic Package

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

White, Cool white, Soft white stars
Multi color Stars: 0, 10, 25 or 50 %
6 different star diameters
Brightness variations
 Twinkel: Changing brightness
Constellations choices
 Fiber Optic Star Ceiling
 The latest technology
Warranty 3 year
 lifespan 20 to 30 years, at 5 to 7 hours of use per day.
Stars throughout the joints.

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling LED

 Luxury Options

Fiber Optic Star Ceiling LED

 Shooting Stars  Watch the video
 Back-up systeem.
Extra LED’s to all the fiber stars, the solution for a Star Ceiling without having to worry about failing LED lights and therefore failing stars lights.
Milky Way
Domotica, DMX controlled

Music DMX controlled

Panels, Tiles and Boards custom sizes and materials
Bathroom / Sauna / watertight.

 Fiber Optic Star Ceiling LED


Star Ceiling Projects

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Fiber Optic Star Ceilings

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Star Options
Milky Way de Luxe
Shooting Stars
Realistic (shades of white)Realistic + colors

Wifi + free AppRF Remote ControlDomotica

Ceiling panels material
WoodStone Wool Concealed - XStone Wool Square Lay Indifferent

BlackNight Blue (RAL 5011)WhiteDifferent

Water proof
Bathroom / Shower / Water proof


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